Ashtami Card

The worship of Goddess Durga is the celebration of the Shakti- the feminine aspect of divinity which lies inside each one of us. Call her Durga, Chamunda or Parvati, she is the supreme radiant goddess with ten arms who can invoke fear, respect, love, wonder and patience at the same time in the mind of […]

Pochishe Boishakh

Rabindranath Tagore one of the greatest literary figures of the country has ever seen. His writings have been mesmerizing people generation after generations. He became Asia’s first Nobel laureate when he won the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature. We celebrate his birthday in bengali calendar on 25th Boishakh (pochis he boishakh). He was born on […]

Kolkata Card

This section is dedicated to our own city of joy… Kolkata. It is also dedicated to all those lovely people of Kolkata, who are really proud to be a part of this city, who like to associate themselves with the streets, different corners, and the warmth of the people of Kolkata. You can use these […]