Kolkata Card

This section is dedicated to our own city of joy… Kolkata. It is also dedicated to all those lovely people of Kolkata, who are really proud to be a part of this city, who like to associate themselves with the streets, different corners, and the warmth of the people of Kolkata. You can use these cards to wish anybody who cares for Kolkata or to convey your fondness towards Kolkata. You can also send these cards to somebody who doesn’t know much about Kolkata, to introduce him to the true colours and essence of this beautiful city. If you want to wish someone Happy Kolkata Day, then just pick up an ecard from the following category to express your feelings for Kolkata.

You dont need a special day to wish someone “HAPPY KOLKATA DAY“..just go ahead and send an e-card from here whenever you feel good about Kolkata and being associated with it.

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