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Happy Raksha Bandhan

The ritual of Raksha Bandhan is beyond religion or blood relations. The Mughal king Humayun was tied the Rakhi by Rajput queen Karnavati of Chittor. Humayun upheld the honour of the Rakhi and protected her kingdom in need. Alexander’s wife had tied the sacred thread to king Puru’s wrist. As a sign of love returned, Puru did not hurt Alexander. Krishna’s affection against Draupadi’s sisterly love string saved her from being insulted by the Kauravas. The promise of the Rakhi has been fulfilled forever.

Rakhi Wish

Buying gifts for the Raksha Bandhan? Give some time and thought to what you buy. Think about likes and dislikes and avoid shopping for it at the eleventh hour. Remember the most important part of it- it is not the price tag of the present, but the love in your heart. Spending the day with your sister with an open mind may bring more joy than expensive gifts.

Rakhi Wish Card

The learned Rabindranath Tagore used the magic of a single thread to bring Indians together. In 1905, when the British wanted to divide Indian states on the basis of religions, his Raksha Bandhan festivals joined Hindus and Muslims in the bond of love and support. Indian pride and brotherhood flowed against the tyrannical Raj. Tagore understood the true meaning of Rakhi- the power of love that help us become true human beings.