Stand for HONESTY

Honesty is simple. It is doing the right thing in the right way. Following the little voice inside you. And feeling good about it. Get This Scrap! From

Spread the word HONESTY

Which word makes you feel better- honesty or corruption? Which has more hope? Which has more positive vibes? What do you want? When honesty rules, corruption’s extinct. That’s the way it is. PS – Mother Teresa always preferred a peace rally than an anti-war one. _ Get This Scrap! From

I support honesty, Do you ?

Admit it. We love honest people. We respect honesty. No matter how dishonest we are, we need honest people around us. Honest people are cool in their own special way. Get This Scrap! From

We support honesty … YOU?

Honesty in games is called Sportsmanship. Honesty at home makes a good father. Honesty of a man in a relationship increases his sex appeal. Honesty in politics makes a legendary leader. Honesty at college brings you good friends. Honesty rocks. Get This Scrap! From